Open Palace Programme

I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the Open Palace Programme and will be heading off to Scotland shortly! This is a programme designed for students of museum studies, conservation, curatorship and is also suitable for current cultural heritage professionals. We’ll be touring the premier heritage institutions in Scotland and getting amazing behind-the-scenes access to these important collections.

This is the first time the Open Palace Programme is running one of their tours in Scotland, and I am super excited. I love Scotland so much already, and I am so happy to be able to get to spend three weeks travelling around experiencing the country (as well as learning new skills, making connections, and working on my professional development, obviously).

This is programme is open to applicants internationally, and is a fantastic way to experience the British cultural heritage industry (find out more about the Open Palace Programme here). Our own vibrant industry is much smaller, and I look forward to seeing how the different heritage institutions and organisations in the UK operate, in comparison to Australia.

I know this will be an amazing experience; both in terms of travel and professional development. I hope you can enjoy this wonderful opportunity with me, and are inspired to seek such experiences for yourselves.

First stop, Edinburgh!

Featured Image: River Teith near Doune Castle, Scotland.

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